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Charise Vacca

P.T., D.P.T.

Since 2000, I have been a private practice owner. As a practicing owner, I felt compelled to have myself and my staff give excellent care and be able to stand out from other private practices.

  • Charise Vacca P.T., D.P.T.
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy: Chatham University
  • Physical Therapy School: The Ohio State University
  • Practicing Physical Therapy since 1989, private practice owner since 2000
  • Extensive experience in multiple settings including acute care, extended care facilities, school systems, early intervention programs, inpatient rehab, sports medicine/outpatient orthopedics and homecare
  • Extensive continuing education training including Brian Mulligan and Jenny McConnell taping methods. Private practice exclusive to neurological patients
  • Continuing education instructor since 2009
  • Researcher since 2008


Since 2000, I have been a private practice owner. As a practicing owner, I felt very compelled to have myself and my staff provide excellent care, while standing out from other private practices.


  • Frustration with treating neurological patients for a long term treatment time (years) with very slow progress

  • No current therapy treatments were producing desired results in the neurological population

  • Need for a new, effective therapy technique that has permanent results for the neurological patient

  • Normal movement patterns needed to be restored to neurological patients

The Miracle Taping™ Method is the answer to the long awaited need for a neurological therapy technique that is based on real science, that produces real results.

Additional information on the history and development of the Miracle Taping Method by the founder, Charise Vacca P.T., D.P.T.

Charise Vacca began practicing physical therapy in 1989 and started a private practice in 2000. As a private practice owner, she felt compelled to develop more creative ways to treat her neurological patients. This encouraged her to expand her knowledge, specifically in the field of neurology. A course by Brian Mulligan, PT sparked her interest in using tape to help with supporting movement in her neurologically involved patients. She subsequently took an intensive 10-day course offered by Jenny McConnell, PT and began experimenting extensively with her patients on various taping techniques. This spurred her on to study and integrate specific and theoretical physiology into the development of her first patent pending taping technique.

Charise continued her higher education and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Chatham University in August of 2011. She was then chosen by the selection committee of the Ohio State University Hospital and the Mount Carmel System Hospitals to be a speaker at the second annual stroke symposium on October 17, 2014. She was asked to explain her taping technique and present the background behind this novel treatment for neurological patients.

Dr. Vacca went on to expand her private practice and continued researching and developing her techniques. She developed a second patent pending taping technique (Miracle Taping ) this past year. The combinations of both taping techniques have produced better long-term results.

After being taped, Dr. Vacca’s neurological patients have been able to obtain new movement patterns for the first time since their original injury. They have all maintained their new patterns for greater than one-year duration, demonstrating that the results are long term and permanent. She has treated brain injury patients as old as 33 years since the original injury. This supports her theory that neurogenesis can occur at any age and at any time after a brain injury.

Charise Vacca, PT., D.P.T

Founder of the Miracle Taping Method