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13 Hours of approved CEU’s

…for Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. The least expensive CEU per credit hour for a hands-on course. Less then $13 a credit hour!

In-class time is only 4 hours!

You study the 9 hour anatomy portion at your leisure, then come to class for hands-on learning, live demonstrations, and class discussions.

Inexpensive, easy, practical, and fun!

Come to a course that is worth your time. You will go home with a ready-to-use new skill that will truly benefit your patients.

Miracle Taping classes have live patients provided by you!

To ensure the efficacy of the results, Miracle Taping neurological taping method is based on proven scientific theory with known results you will witness first hand.

Course Objective

  • Identify abnormal neurological movement patterns and imbalances in patients, and learn how to assist them in normal movement patterns through taping.

  • Develop skills of application of adhesive medical tape to either inhibit or facilitate a muscular contraction

  • Identify and palpate surface anatomy structures of the upper and lower extremities in a lab setting

  • Develop the ability to assess neurological patients and select proper treatment interventions using the Miracle Taping Method

Plenty of time for asking and answering questions

If you have any questions, there will be plenty of time to answer all of them.

Neurological patients present to use your new knowledge and skills

The Miracle Taping™ Method was created by us, so we have complete knowledge of its application.

Individual attention from the instructor

This allows you to ask questions and get a more personal experience.

Hands-on learning

We will personally work with you to help you in any way possible.

Limited class size

With small classes, you will get individual attention.

Practical and easy to apply treatment intervention

This makes us a stress free, fun & easy environment.

I am so pleased with the patient’s progress. She never used her hands or even had them touch each other. She is now able to play with toys in midline! She is laughing and enjoying herself. The Miracle Taping™ method improved the quality of my patient’s life.
Nurse of a patient
The course was all hands on and went so fast. It was a great course. The patient that was there was so pleased with the results of the taping.
Physical Therapist
This is the most amazing neurological treatment I have ever encountered in my entire practice as a physical therapist. My patients are able to exhibit tone changes right before my eyes, after just the very first application of the tape! The science behind this method is so solid.
Physical Therapist

The Revolutionary Miracle Taping™ Method

is based on proven scientific theory with known results you will witness first hand.


  1. Single Online Registration = $256.00

  2. Early Bird Registration (1 month prior to seminar) = $196.00

  3. 3 or More Registrants (online, at the same time) = 25% off total price

  4. Sponsor = 50% Off tuition

Register Now to Get Your CEU’s!

The least expensive CEU per credit hour for a hands-on demonstration. Less then $13 a credit hour when you get early bird pricing.

These CEU’s are for PT’s & OT’s only.

Course Agenda

1/2 Hour: Registration

1 Hour: LAB Miracle Taping Method – Thorax/Upper Extremities

10 Min.: Break

1 Hour: LAB Miracle Taping Method – Upper Extremities/Lower Extremities

10 Min.: Break

1 Hour: LAB – Patient arrives/or case study – assess and treat using the Miracle Taping Method

10 Min.: Break

1 Hour Review/Evaluation/Questions/Answers

End: Dismissed

How to be a Sponsor

A sponsor is someone who is able to supply an appropriate participant to come to the class. The participant will be used as an educational demonstration of the Miracle Taping Method in front of the class. The sponsor must supply the following:

  • An appropriate participant with a neurological diagnosis that involves some degree of spasticity present. Preference is for a smaller sized participant, in particular a pediatric participant, but this is not a necessity.
  • Allergy testing of adhesive tape to the participant to occur before coming to the seminar
  • Medical records and contact information of the participant to be obtained prior to the seminar
  • Signed release of permission to treat in front of the class
  • Signed release of allergy testing performed

If you are able to be a sponsor please e-mail us promptly using the form below

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